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J Jackson - June 2013

J Jackson - June 2013

I am very pleased with my new LINTRAN Transit Box together with the escape hatch.

The reason for having an escape hatch was brought home to me when I took my young Labrador to Liverpool Vet Hospital. The Discovery we travelled in had a problem when we arrived at the Vets. The back door would not open and I was in a panic so my daughter went to the office to get help from a member of staff and the two of them managed to turn the kennel upside down with puppy still inside. They were then able to open the doors and Karen was able to lift her down. 

Just imagine if I had been on my own on the motorway or a car had run into the back of the Discovery. The next day I ordered my new LINTRAN. I feel much happier now travelling with my dogs. I would recommend everybody to have an escape hatch in their Lintran Transit Box.

A very big thank you to you both.

Jean Jackson.

About Lintran Made in Great Britain

The Lintran Transit box was designed by a gundog and shooting enthusiast with their special requirements in mind. The need for something light an washable to contain animals or game (or, in fact, anything dirty) in vehicles has culminated in the newly-designed Lintran.

Our award winning boxes are patent and design copyright protected and our name is our guarantee. We offer a part-exchange and refurbishment service, if required.