2up 2Down Boxes – Vans

£699.00 Inclusive of VAT

A Two tiered system comprising of two double boxes stacked vertically. This robust system can cater for a variety of dog sizes and has been a staple design for many Lintran customers over the years. The dimensions of a 2up – 2down box system are specific to your requirements! We can maximize the space in your van! 

Add Galvanized metalwork to complete the professional look!

All Custom boxes feature solid white sides as standard, keeping harmful UV rays and heat from your dog, in fact temperatures inside the box can be up to 20°C cooler compared to a black box.

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This system works even better when combined with a Cross-box or Side Door Gate. (See Gallery for more examples)

Safety is paramount so all our custom boxes are made to the same standards using high quality materials. Each box is manufactured to your requirements, so you can have all the features you want, without any that you don’t. As with all Lintran boxes, our Custom models have a leak proof base (to contain any “accidents” and mud), easy to clean.

Metalwork is available in Black powder coated steel or Galvanized Steel and includes 2x lockable doorsa mesh roof and view panel for rear view visibility.

Tried and tested over 30 years. Don’t settle for less!


To suit your vehicle and/or your requirements


Shell – Polypropylene (Standard finish smooth WHITE, other colours available)
Metalwork – Steel construction – Black Powder Coated finish as standard – Galvanised recommended

Standard Features

Bottom Tier- 2 x Doors – Keylocking – Mesh roof – Rear View Panel – Solid construction
Top Tier- 2 x Doors – Keylocking – Mesh roof – Rear View Panel – Solid construction

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