Bulkheads – Vans

£699.00 Inclusive of VAT

A bulkhead is an essential safety feature within a van when carrying large loads (e.g. Dog boxes) They also create a physical separation between the passenger compartment and the cargo area.

Available for ALL VANS we have various solutions including:

  • Full custom made bulkhead finish in black powder coating as standard – Mesh upper and solid wipe clean lower behind seats
    • Suitable for vans without a bulkhead or to simply replace the existing bulkhead 
  • Upper custom made bulkhead – Essentially the top half of the Full custom bulkhead
    • Can be fitted to vans which only have a lower-half factory bulkhead in place 
  • Raptor spray factory bulkhead – An extremely tough scratch-proof and hygienic finish sprayed directly to the vans factory fitted bulkhead. Available in light grey or black.
    • Suitable for vans with factory bulkhead already fitted
  • Bulkhead Grille – Add a grille to the factory bulkhead for improved ventilation and visibility.  Perfect for mounting a pair of Linfans to!

Bulkheads are often paired with one of the following options:


(See Gallery for more examples)

All our products are made to the same standards using high quality materials. Each item is manufactured to your requirements, so you can have all the features you want, without any that you don’t.

Tried and tested over 30 years. Don’t settle for less!


Steel Frame construction – Secured to vehicle – Black Powder coated finish as standard – Can be mesh, solid or a split of both

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