Lining and Flooring – Vans

£699.00 Inclusive of VAT

Complete the professional look with washable and hygienic lining and flooring

Available for ALL VANS we have various solutions including:


  • Replace all the vans ‘ply-lined’ panels with white smooth easy to clean panels
  • For a more complete solution, let us insulate and fully line the vans cargo area to create a bright, cool environment ideal for professionals. LED lights and 12v power points also available

What can be lined?

    • Side sliding doors and rear doors/tailgate
    • Internal side walls
    • Roof
    • Wheelarches boxed in – Optional built in trays
    • Lower half of bulkhead


  • Replace the vans ‘ply-lined’ floor with a grippy washable custom fitted floor
  • There are also a variety of rubber matting options for covering all or just part of the load area
  • Maximise the floor space at the side door entry with an in-filled steps

(See Gallery for more examples)

All our products are made to the same standards using high quality materials. Each item is manufactured to your requirements, so you can have all the features you want, without any that you don’t.

Tried and tested over 30 years. Don’t settle for less!


We use a range of materials which have different properties for different applications – All lining and flooring is designed to be at the very least 'Splash-proof' and subject to specification, 'Fully washable'

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