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We offer a personal service and are happy to speak with you and discuss your requirements.

We are the choice of many professional and welfare associations, and are pleased to offer consultancy advice and guidance from our expertise of over 30 years.

Our customers include RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Battersea, MOD, Police, Fire & Rescue and Prison services from across the country.

If a box isn’t shown to suit your needs, we will make you one!

When you are ready to place an order or would like more information please contact us via email at info@lintran.co.uk or by phone on 01673 885959. We want to ensure you get the right dog transport solution for you, your dogs, your vehicle and where required your business so talking to us direct is best.

If the item is in stock then we are usually able to dispatch within 24hrs. Where a Universal dog box is not in stock we aim to have the box with you within 7-10 working days. If you are able to collect then this time can be reduced.

Customised items are on a job by job basis dependent on complexity and size of job and delivery/completion times will be discussed when placing your order.

It is rare that this happens but if it does, no matter the circumstances, we want you to have the right dog box for your dog and vehicle. If you have any problems, please contact us and we can work out the best solution.

Quite simply, white reflects light and therefore heat which keeps our dog boxes much cooler, in fact we have seen temperatures as much as 20 degrees Celsius cooler inside our dog boxes.

Our Universal boxes have a white fibreglass shell with black powder coated steel doors, view panel and where applicable roof panels.

Our Custom boxes are manufactured from polypropylene and although available in other colours, white is our recommended choice due to its heat reflective properties.

Yes, all our Universal & Custom boxes come with keylocks as standard. Our Custom boxes can also have spring-bolts for additional strength where required.

The average weight of most of our universal dog boxes is around 20kg, similar to a large bag of dog food. Some of our boxes can be quite large and therefore awkward to lift rather than heavy. It is always recommended that two people lift the boxes. Where the weights are shown on the website, they are without optional extras.

In almost all vehicles that have rear seats and a boot, the dog box will sit in the vehicle safely without the need to secure it in place. Occasionally an anchor/ratchet strap may be required or additional rubber matting underneath the box.

If you have a van, pick up or other commercial vehicle then additional fixings/brackets/anchor straps etc may be required.

Many of our universal boxes will fit into multiple vehicles so unless you are significantly downsizing your vehicle there is a good chance your current box may fit. Try it in your potential new car first. Where your current box won’t fit, it may be possible for us to modify it for you or you could part exchange it for a new box.

If you have more than one vehicle that you will be using the box in or are planning on changing your vehicle in the near future, tell us and where possible we can hopefully future proof your box by choosing one that will fit both vehicles.

It depends on your vehicle and the size of your dog. Our Universal boxes are designed to fit in a wide range of vehicles (a list of the most common vehicles they fit is shown on the product pages). This means they fit some vehicles better than others so where the maximum size is required for your dog a Custom-made box will almost always provide a larger space than the best fitting Universal box.

However, we will not try to sell you something that is not suitable, if a Universal box fits well and provides ample room for your dog then that is what we will recommend.

It is important that you know the dimensions of your new dog box before your place your order. Ideally your dog should be able to comfortably sit up within the box, turn around and lay down without ensuring legs and paws aren’t cramped.

All deliveries must be checked immediately, and any damages reported to us within 24 hrs. Please keep the packaging until you have checked and are happy with the box in case it needs to be returned.

We do not want you to pay for something you do not need, so our optional extras are exactly that … optional.

The insides of our boxes are smooth, so a floor liner is required. Where you have not already got something to put in the box, we can supply different types of rubber matting and/or washable vet bedding.

Our two regular finishes for the metal work are Black Powder Coated or Galvanised.

 Black Powder Coated – This is our standard finish and offers a smooth aesthetically pleasing coating which requires little maintenance. Should it become scratched or chipped it is good practice to apply a touch up paint to prevent any degradation.

This finish is great for most domestic applications.

Galvanised- Silver in colour, extremely durable and essential for professional and business use.

This finish is highly recommended when regularly getting wet, including living near the coast where the sea air is more corrosive.

Yes. Please arrange an appointment in advance so that we can cater for your requirements. Our normal business hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

Get in touch, the latest models are not always immediately updated on the website and where one of our Universal boxes does not fit, we can build a custom box for your vehicle that will.

Our boxes have been involved in many real accidents, we have not knowingly lost a dog in transit during our 30 years of manufacturing.

We have an extensive database of vehicles and the dog boxes that fit, however we can discuss these details with you at the time of order. The best solution is to visit us, and we can try the boxes in.

How to transport a dog in a car

One of the best and safest ways to transport a dog in a car is in a dog crate or dog transit box. This is because they contain your dog safely in your vehicle, minimising the risk of distracting the driver. They also provide a safe space for your dog when entering and exiting the vehicle, preventing them from jumping out of the car when it’s not safe.

How to secure a dog crate in a car

It’s so important to secure your dog crate properly in your vehicle, in order to ensure safety and minimise accidents! Our dog crates and dog transit boxes are designed to fit snugly in your vehicle. This means that they won’t budge when you’re driving, keeping your dogs safe and secure. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

What to put in dog crate

All of our dog crates and transit boxes are smooth lined for easy cleaning, so we recommend adding some rubber matting and washable vet bedding to help keep your dog comfortable. Depending on your requirements, you may also want to equip your lintran dog box with a crate to keep your dog cool whilst in transit.

 For more information about our dog boxes, speak to a member of our team today! 

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